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Terms and Conditions

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Customers must submit a schedule that need to be completed, in order that the quote we provide is comprehensive and accurate


  • Our quotations are based on our best estimate of the time it will take to clean a property or area, with the cost of materials and transport inclusive. We ask potential customers for some flexibility, as occasionally estimates differ slightly from the actual time it takes to complete the cleaning tasks.


  • We reserve the right to change the total in our quotation if a customer chooses to amend their original requirements



(i) Payment

Invoices due for payment 30 days after the invoice date by bank transfer, cheque or cash.  

Please make cheques payable to Environet Property Maintenance

Invoices are issued at the end of every calendar month. We are not VAT registered, so no VAT is applicable


(ii) Termination of Service

We require 30 days notice from clients / agents of any termination of our services. We also reserve the right

to terminate the provision of our services after a 30 day notice period


(iii)Service Provision    

We will provide the services detailed within the quotation only. The provision of other unspecified cleaning and  

maintenance services will attract additional charges. We will report all issues relating to cleaning and

maintenance of the areas mentioned in the "SITE" and "DESCRIPTION" sections above.

We will only respond to reasonable requests in the event of problems arising, which relate to our cleaning

services only. We cannot respond to requests that are unrelated to our cleaning services.


(iv) Prices

The quotation is valid until 4 weeks after the date of issue. All prices include the cost of labour, cleaning

equipment and materials, but do not include the cost of supplying washroom consumables and equipment.

Washroom consumables and equipment will be quoted for separately, if they are required.

Prices do not include the costs of waste disposal unless otherwise stated



Our Charges

  • As we has been previously mentioned in the above terms, we reserve the right to change the total price for a job or contract if the client amends their requirements for end of tenancy cleaning that were detailed in the original quotation.


  • Our standard pricing for end of tenancy cleaning does not include charges for the cleaning of patios, balconies, curtains, carpets, ceilings, walls or the exterior of windows. Also, it does not include any washing up, clearing up or moving of items from the floor or any other surfaces that should be in cupboards, on shelves or in drawers.Our standard prices also exclude cleaning of ceilings or walls. These services are available at extra cost.

Our Terms For End of Tenancy Cleaning

  • We collect client names, contact and payment details only in the process of the general day-to-day efficient administration of the company in replying to e-mails and correspondence; the sending of invoices, quotations, and collection of payments. Data relating to prospective customers who ask us for a quote is kept on file until the tendering process has been completed. If we are successful in the quotation and tendering process and acquire a new customer, we will only keep data relating to a customer on file that is pivotal in ensuring the efficient running of the account. If we are unsuccessful with a quote or tender, we will delete all letters or e-mail correspondence related to the unsuccessful quotation, as soon as we gain knowledge of this. We do not rent, share or sell any client or quotation information with any third party.


  • We utilise tracking code to monitor website usage, which enables us to optimise our website, improving its usability to our customers and its performance. No personally identifiable is harvested by the tracking code and the anonimity of the user is preserved.

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